Name Rank Position Species Gender Status
Ian Hunter Captain Commanding Officer Human male PC
Jonathan Wright Commander Executive Officer Human Male PC
Flight Control
Pierre D'Aubigne Ensign Flight Control Officer Human Male PC
Melissa Jarvis Lieutenant Chief Security Officer Human Female RNPC
Samantha Carter Lieutenant Security Officer Human Female RNPC
Giuseppe Silvio Lieutenant Chief Engineer Human Male RNPC
Craig Witmore Ensign Engineer Human male RNPC
Marp Ensign Engineer Ferengi Male RNPC
Keighlee Alexi Cadet 1st Class Crewman Human female NPC
Kelly Forrester Lieutenant junior grade Acting Operations Manager Human F RNPC
Maxine Lucinda Tapert Lieutenant junior grade Computer Specialist Human Female PC
Teilani Dane Lieutenant Chief Medical Officer Human female PC
Xioa Lee Ensign Head Nurse Trill female NPC
Patia Zoei Lieutenant Chief Counselor Betazoid Female PC
Simon Zent Lieutenant Commander Chief Science Officer Human Male PC
Sahril Lieutenant junior grade Acting Chief Science Officer Vulcan female RNPC
Alan Dewey Ensign Science Officer Human Male NPC
M'Ressha Ka'Tira Ensign Stellar Cartography Caitian Female RNPC
Margaret Rose MacAlister Lieutenant Commander Marine CO Human Female RNPC
M'Ressha Mikaht Lieutenant junior grade Fighter Pilot Caitian male RNPC
Bart "Burner" Reed Ensign Fighter Pilot Human Male RNPC
Krystal Civilian Hologram AI Hologram Female RNPC
Miranda Civilian Lounge Manager El-Aurian Female RNPC
Clarice Civilian Stowaway Child Bajoran/Cardassian Female RNPC
Matthew Mason Civilian Prisoner Human Male RNPC


PC Played Character These characters are established by players and are their primary roles. Inclusion of these characters should only be done through a joint post.
NPC Non-Played Character A re-occuring character which may or may not have been established through a bio. These characters may be included in in any post.
RNPC Reserved Non-Played Character Typically a supporting character for a PC. Reserved characters should only be played with permission of the character's author or through a JP with the author.