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Game Rules

A. The Timeline

TimelineThe USS Zion is set in the Star Trek: Rebellion universe, which is an alternate universe. This means that things are not the same as your traditional Star Trek timeline. Chief among these differences include the 10-year long civil war the Federation is mired in and that there are no Borg or Q (at least not yet). It is very important that you read and understand our timeline before you do anything else. Read it now: Rebellion Timeline

B. Character Creation

The most important part of this game will be your character. You will want to take the time to think about the character you want to play. Building a good foundation for your character will help you as you develop your character.

  1. Your character must be original. You will not be allowed to play a canon character from the Star Trek television series or movies. In addition to this, players attempting to play characters who are relatives of, or are close friends of canon characters will more than likely be rejected as well.
  2. Your character must be realistic. Do not go out of your way to select an alien with super human powers. This is not an X-Men sim. Likewise, characters who are genetically enhanced will more than likely be rejected as well.
  3. Romulans and Cardassians will not serve aboard the USS Zion so players who try to select these species will more than likely be rejected.
  4. Q and the Borg are not known in this timeline and universe. Not only should you not select them as the species for your character, you should also not mention them in your character’s biography.

For more information on creating a character, please see: Creating a Character, Friend or Foe, Rebellion Timeline.

C. Playing Your Character
  1. You must follow the established posting procedures in order for your post to be counted.
  2. Players are asked to post at least once per week in order to remain active on the SIM. If you are unable to meet this requirement please contact one of the GMs.
  3. Posts must be 200 words or more in length. If your post is less that 200 words you will not earn experience points and the post will not count for your weekly post requirement.
  4. Players who fail to post for more than two months and who do not contact the GMs will be written out of the game at the convenience of the GM.
  5. You are allowed to play one primary character (PC) in this game. After you have been an active player for 6 months you may apply to the GM to create a second character called an RNPC.
  6. Only the GM can play another players character. Do not play someone else’s character (PC or RNPC). If you wish to interact with a certain player in the SIM send them an email and set up a joint post (JP).
  7. Characters in the crew manifest that have a status of NPC can be played by all players, however, you should take care to make sure that you are playing them in character. This means that you should read their past posts.
  8. Players should maintain the continuity of their characters. If you have written that your character is afraid of the dark in one post and then later have him or her boldly charging into a dark cargo hold with no fear to save someone then you will get comments from the GM. It is up to you to develop your character, so you must play your character accordingly.
  9. Out of Character (OOC) conflicts should be dealt with outside of the game. If you have a problem with another player then you should try to work it out with them OOC. If that does not work then you should discuss it with the GM. You should never write OOC conflicts into the game.
  10. The USS Zion has a Style Guide for writing your posts. You should do your best to follow this guide. This will ensure that we are all writing in a consistent style. (See: Writing Style Guide)

D. Plots and Subplots
  1. The GM is responsible for maintaing the main story line, however, all players are encouraged to work together and play an active role in the story. If you have ideas or suggestions for a story line please share them with the GM.
  2. Players are also encouraged to develop their own sub-plots. This is the best way to develop your character! Please make sure that your subplot does not interfere with the main story plot though. For example, if the ship is at red alert and headed into battle; your character should not be in the holodeck having a party.
  3. If you are not sure how your subplot will affect the main story then please ask the GM.

E. Language, Violence, and Sex
  1. The USS Zion SIM currently carries a rating of PG. Since all of our writing appears on our website, please keep that rating in mind when writing for your character. Graphic violence and sexual content is not necessary.

F. Character Promotions
  1. Promotions are determined by your postings, both in quality and quantity. We have an experience point system that will show when a character is eligible for a promotion. This is not a guarantee that you will get one. All Promotions are based on the amount of work you put into your posts and are at the sole discretion of the GM. (See Scoring System)
  2. Please keep in mind that the actions that your character takes in the game also have an impact on promotions. For example, if your character gets into a drunken brawl at a space station, then he or she might find themselves in the brig or facing disciplenary action. You should also not be surprised when your character does not get a promotion. Promotions reflect the achievements of the character not the skill of the player.